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South View Primary






Spelling is an integral part of children’s reading and writing development. As children develop spelling competency, their confidence and independence in writing will increase.


To develop our pupils as good spellers we…

• Teach spelling systematically throughout the school.

• Teach phonological awareness, word recognition, graphic knowledge and spelling knowledge.

• Encourage children to develop and learn a personal bank of frequently used words, as indicated in the English National Curriculum.

• Equip children with strategies to attempt to spell unknown words independently, thus avoiding dependence upon the teacher.


Implementation: Our Pedagogy in Spellings (Y2-6)

At South View, we use the Read Write Inc. Spelling programme from Year 2 to Year 6. By using this robust, fast-paced, systematic spelling programme as the basis of a scheme of work, we can ensure that our children are able to meet the spelling expectations of the National Curriculum 2014. It provides consistency and progression in the teaching of spelling and helps to support children to enable them to be more confident at spelling. 


How does this programme support your child in learning to spell?

Read Write Inc. Spelling is an interactive programme that teaches spellings in a fun and engaging way. Each unit is introduced with a short video. It helps children to learn spellings with common patterns and uses rules to help them recall spellings as well as teaching exceptions to these rules.

Individual workbooks allow children to practise their spellings and the teaching naturally follows on from the Read Write Inc. Phonics programme.


Assessment in Read Write Inc. Spelling

Assessment is an integral feature of the Read Write Inc. Spelling programme. All the activities involve some type of assessment, whether self, peer, group or whole class assessment. This formative assessment is constructive, ongoing monitoring for improvement, built into lively activities that children enjoy.


Impact: Evaluating the curriculum and pedagogy by assessing learning in spellings

Following the Read Write Inc. Spelling programme helps prepare children for the spelling component of the English grammar, punctuation and spelling tests at the end of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. The tests draw on the range of strategies and morphological awareness specified in the statutory spelling appendix to the National Curriculum in England (September 2014), all of which are covered by Read Write Inc. Spelling. The tests may include words drawn from the word lists in the National Curriculum (covered by the Red and Orange words in this programme), but will not be limited to them.


Spellings is monitored by the subject leader throughout all year groups using a variety of strategies such as lesson observations, staff discussions and pupil interviews. Feedback is given to teachers and leaders use the information to see if the children know more and remember more.