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South View Primary

Vision and Values for South View

At South View, children’s enjoyment, achievement and sense of security are at the heart of everything we do.

Children are nurtured in a safe and secure environment where respect for each other is celebrated and valued. Our children thrive in a supportive atmosphere where they take personal pride in their own and others’ achievements. South View’s dedicated team aims to equip all our pupils with the skills, knowledge and understanding to become informed and responsible global citizens.

Our children are encouraged to be creative, show curiosity in the world around them and recognise, respect and celebrate diversity. We will celebrate the strengths and successes of individuals, inspiring children to enjoy and achieve in all aspects of their learning.

We are committed to working with children, parents and the wider community to motivate and encourage every pupil to be confident and successful in the 21st Century.

If you see any of our children displaying any of our values in the wider community, PLEASE let us know.  Send a photo or message to with the title #SouthViewHeart.  We can then celebrate our wonderful children in our assemblies and give them the recognition they deserve.