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South View Primary

Character Education

At South View Community Primary School, we recognise that the experiences children have during their primary years have a significant impact on their future well-being and success.  It is for this reason, we have made a whole school commitment to the teaching and development of character traits, attributes and behaviours which underpin achievement and success; endeavouring to ensure that developing ‘character’ goes hand in hand with high educational aspirations and achievement.

Our Character Education aims to develop positive character traits in our students that will enable them to become responsible and active members of society. Our vision is to create an environment where students feel empowered to make informed decisions that align with shared values.

1) Ethos and culture
- We will create a culture of respect, responsibility, and inclusivity where the values of character education are integrated into everyday life.
- We will develop strong relationships and foster an environment of trust where students feel comfortable to express themselves.
- We will model the desired character traits and behaviours, encouraging students to emulate these qualities.

2) Curriculum and Learning
- We will create a curriculum that is built around the development of key character traits such as respect, empathy, resilience, and responsibility.
- We will ensure that opportunities to develop these traits are embedded across all subjects.
- We will provide regular opportunities for students to reflect on their learning and character development.

3) Community and Partnerships
- We will work with parents and caregivers to ensure that character education is supported and reinforced at home.
- We will collaborate with community partners to provide additional learning opportunities that support the development of character traits.
- We will work closely with external stakeholders to ensure that the school's values align with the wider community.

4) Assessment and Evaluation
- We will evaluate progress towards the development of character traits using a range of assessment tools.
- We will use feedback from students, staff, and parents to continually improve our character education provision.
- We will ensure that student's progress is tracked and shared with stakeholders to encourage collaborative effort.


The most recent framework by Ofsted, the relevant inspectorate in England, highlights the importance of Character Education as a part of the Personal Development and Welfare judgement, stating that schools should 'enable pupils to develop their character – including their resilience, confidence and independence – and help them know how to keep physically and mentally healthy’ (Ofsted, 2019, p.12). This is in line with the 2014 National Curriculum in England and the Education Inspection Framework (EIF) of 2019.

The framework also highlights that Character Education should be fully integrated into the curriculum. It should not be an add-on or afterthought but should be addressed throughout the day, both inside and outside the classroom. At the same time, schools should ensure that the curriculum is broad and balanced and not become overly focused on Character Education while neglecting other areas of learning.

Furthermore, the inspectorate expects schools to create an environment in which students feel safe and are valued as individuals, and where opportunities exist for positive relationships to develop. Demonstrating progress and impact is also vital, with the inspectorate expecting schools to offer evidence of effective assessment and evaluation methods that allow for tracking student progress.

In conclusion, our Character Education aligns with the expectations outlined by Ofsted, as we integrate key character traits throughout our curriculum and create an environment of respect, responsibility, and inclusivity. We believe that Character Education at South View will have a significant impact on our pupils' character development, equipping them with the skills and personal qualities they need to achieve their full potential and thrive in their personal and professional life.