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South View Community Primary School

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South View Community Primary School

Term Dates

Due to school requirements training days may be subject to change (in exceptional circumstances).  Parents are encouraged to book family holidays within the times allocated for this rather than within school time.


Academic Year 2019-2020 Academic Year 2020 - 2021  (changes made June 2020_

Term 1

Training Days 2nd September 2019

3rd September 2019

Begins 4th September 2019

Ends 18th October 2020


Training Days Wed, 2nd, Thurs 3rd and Fri 4th September 2020

Begins 7th September 2020

Ends 22nd October 2020

Term 2

Begins 29th October 2019

Ends 19th December 2019

Begins 2nd November 2020

Ends Friday 18th December 2020

Term 3

Training Day 3rd January 2020

Begins 6th January 2020

Ends 13th February 2020


Begins 4th January 2021

Ends 12th February 2021

Term 4

Begins 24th February 2020

Ends 2nd April 2020


Begins 22nd February 2021

Ends 31st March 2021

Term 5

Training Day 17th April

Begins 20th April 2020

Friday 8th May Bank Holiday (government change from 4th May)

Ends 22nd May 2020

Training Day 16th April

Begins 19th April 2021

3rd May - Bank Holiday

Ends 28th May 2021

Term 6

Begins 1st June 2020

Ends 21st July 2020

Begins 7th June 2021

Ends 22nd July 2021

  Training Day - 1 day over year as twilight sessions Training Day - 2 days over year as twilight sessions